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5 Reasons to Provide Security Personnel at Sports Events

In 2018, quite a few incidents at sporting events around the country made news headlines and served as reminders of why security is paramount in these situations. At the University of Wisconsin football game against New Mexico in Madison, campus police made 22 arrests, issued 24 citations, and ejected a total of 47 fans. A similar situation was experienced during the Louisiana State University game against the University of Florida, when 38 people were ejected and two were arrested. In December, the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced that college football games would be guarded by a drone detection system because of an increased risk of terrorist attacks. 

A sporting event doesn’t have to possess the magnitude of NCAA football games to require special event security. Chatsworth sports event sponsors should take heed of these five reasons security personnel are highly recommended at sporting events.

1. Address Venue and Event Vulnerabilities

Sporting events share an unfortunate characteristic with concerts and music festivals: they’re natural magnets for security issues. These events tend to attract the wrong crowds for various reasons. Some perpetrators seek to sow disorder, while others look for opportunities for larceny. A security plan will address situations wrongdoers may perceive as vulnerabilities.

2. Watch Over Ticket Sales

There’s a reason major sporting events are outsourcing their ticketing to companies such as StubHub and Ticketmaster: handling cash for ticket sales on the day of the event can be risky unless security guards are posted. The idea is to protect both ticket handlers and customers.

3. Manage Event Parking

Running afoul of municipal parking regulations is a problem at many sporting events. To prevent this from happening, security guards can organize parking and enforce rules while simultaneously patrolling the area to ensure the safety of visitors. Sophisticated car thieves who either drive away with vehicles or break into them are known to prowl parking areas at sports events, but they’re not likely to strike when security presence is visible.

4. Organize and Protect Event Staff

The security of volunteers and workers hired by event organizers is as important as the security of those in attendance. In some cases, volunteers and staff members themselves may create security issues, but this is a risk security guards can mitigate.

5. Provide Crowd Control

Public disorder and riots are the most common security issues at sporting events around the world, and they can be sparked by several factors. Sports rivalries are notorious in this regard, but riots can be ignited by rowdy fans even when their teams are victorious. For example, fans of the Los Angeles Lakers caused destructive riots after winning championships in 2000, 2009, and 2010. In the absence of a security plan, it’s easy to underestimate the potential for public disorder, and people may riot if they notice the event isn’t properly guarded.

Sporting events are supposed to be fun, but they certainly won’t be if the safety and security of fans, players, and employees are at risk. Sponsors of sporting events should hire security personnel from a firm that offers premier security guard services. Chatsworth businesses rely on Security Consulting Group when they need superior security services for single events or on a long-term basis. Call one of our friendly team members today at 818-462-3080 to schedule a consultation.

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