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6 Reasons You Should Hire Security Guards for Your Apartment Complex

As an apartment complex manager or owner, one of your primary duties is keeping residents safe on your property. While there are many ways to accomplish this feat and avoid legal liability, the decision to hire security in Chatsworth for your complex comes with several unique advantages over simply installing lighting and security cameras.

1. Makes Your Property More Attractive to Potential Tenants

You already know the benefits of long-term tenants. They’re more likely to pay on time and take care of the property, and you also avoid costly turnover. Hiring security for your apartment building isn’t a requirement, but it’s an important perk that attracts great tenants. Security guards who are on-site 24/7 serve as a selling point and make your building more attractive to tenants who want a safe, secure place to live.

2. Serves as a Deterrent to Crime

One of the most important benefits of security personnel at an apartment complex is that they serve as an excellent deterrent to crime. The presence of uniformed security guards can prevent many forms of crime and illegal activities, including drug use, burglary, and car theft. Their presence can also make residents feel safer at the property.

3. Provides a Quick Response to Domestic Violence

With so many families and couples living in a large apartment complex, domestic violence calls are likely at some point. Security guards can respond immediately to potential domestic violence to prevent serious injuries and defuse the situation while contacting the police and waiting for them to respond. Guards can also serve as witnesses and provide evidence to police.

4. Stops Unauthorized Activity

Your apartment complex likely has rules for conduct on the property. Without on-site security guards, you may have difficulty staying on top of serious violations that could cause damage to the property or pose a risk to tenants and visitors. Security guards can watch for and report unauthorized activity on the premises, such as large parties, suspicious behavior, drug use, and fighting.

5. Prevents Vandalism

Apartment complexes are frequent targets for vandalism, both from unauthorized individuals as well as tenants and their visitors. Most forms of vandalism require some time to complete, whether the act involves spray painting or breaking objects. Security guards can prevent expensive vandalism on your property by patrolling the premises regularly.

6. Allows for Greater Access Control to the Property

One of the greatest security concerns at an apartment complex is unauthorized visitors. It’s not uncommon for tenants to invite acquaintances, friends, and family members who aren’t on the lease to move in. Security guards can ensure the right individuals have access to the premises and prevent unauthorized guests from entering the building.

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