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Why It’s Important for Businesses to Have an Alarm System

On August 3rd, officers from the Garden Grove Police Department responded to a report of burglars fleeing the scene of a residential break-in. Upon arriving at the scene, the officers learned that two burglars were being held at gunpoint by neighbors who were alerted to the robbery when they heard a security alarm go off. The thieves apparently knew no one was at home when they chose to enter. They attempted to flee after being surprised by the alarm. 

When the owner of the aforementioned home was located and notified, she was pleased to learn her neighbors had reacted to the alarm. After all, she’s an elderly woman who spends many days by herself. Although this was a residential incident, the security experts at Security Consulting Group want to share a few important things California business owners can learn about the necessity of having security alarm systems.

Protect Unguarded Establishments

Companies that can only afford to post security guards during business hours should strongly consider protecting their equipment, inventory, and supplies with alarm systems. In the incident mentioned above, the thieves ran away empty-handed before running into the neighbors.

Keep Insurance Premiums Low

In California, some commercial districts are considered riskier than others, which gives insurance companies a reason to charge higher monthly policy premiums. One way to reduce business insurance premiums is by installing alarm systems that offer remote monitoring.

Increase Workplace Safety

Employees will feel safer knowing their workplace is protected with an alarm system, particularly when they can activate it in case of emergencies. To this effect, retail stores that stay open until late at night and factories that operate third shifts stand to benefit significantly.

Deter Professional Thieves

Sophisticated burglary crews are known to operate across California. These criminal groups take pride in never using violence and never getting caught, and one of the secrets of their trade is that they do not bother with security alarms. Unless they can be 100 percent certain they can deactivate a system without triggering a secondary alarm, they won’t attempt to break into a building.

Decrease Business Liability

Modern security systems offer more than just alarms. They often feature surveillance cameras and recording devices that can be used to gather evidence in situations such as slip-and-fall accidents, shoplifting, confrontations between customers and employees, and other incidents that may result in costly liability claims.

Reduce Vandalism and Trespassing

When equipped with cameras and motion detectors, security systems can be programmed to sound a warning tone when graffiti artists or activists who intend to vandalize a business approach commercial structures. These intruder alert features are not the same as the alarms that go off when the structure has been breached. However, they tend to be very effective when combined with floodlights and recorded warnings.

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