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8 Businesses That Can Benefit from Professional Security

When most people think about commercial establishments where security guards are posted, they usually envision jewelry stores in upscale shopping centers or pawn shops located in bad parts of town. The reality of today’s risk climate for the private sector is that more companies can benefit from the services of professional security firms. In the past, the eight types of businesses listed below may not have required security personnel, but in today’s escalated threat environment, greater levels of security are often called for.

1. Gated Communities and Condominiums

More homeowners associations are choosing to hire professional security firms for services beyond just providing guards. Condominium towers are improving their video surveillance systems, and gated communities are realizing the benefits of roving patrol security. In Chatsworth or any other community, residents will feel safer knowing someone is looking out for them 24/7.

2. Corporate Parks

As a result of economic growth and the expansion of the tech sector, more startup companies are setting up shop in corporate parks across California. Many of these companies face security issues, such as theft of intellectual property and workplace conflicts.

3. Healthcare Facilities

There was a time when only large hospitals needed the services of professional security firms. These days, smaller clinics are hiring security personnel because of insurance and safety concerns. Patients and their relatives tend to feel better when they see uniformed guards at medical and dental care establishments.

4. Dance Clubs and Lounges

A reality of the nightlife industry is that altercations between patrons have been on the rise in recent years, and quite a few incidents have included guns. Commercial insurance policy premiums for nightlife establishments can be substantially reduced with a physical security strategy.

5. Financial Services Providers

Banks, check cashing stores, brokerages, and insurance agencies are increasingly being targeted by sophisticated criminals who aren’t interested in violent robberies. What they’re after is identity theft—financial information and data they can sell on the black market.

6. Cannabis Dispensaries

Now that California allows both medical and recreational marijuana sales, a new security issue has been created. City councils are calling the shots on how these establishments are to be regulated, and many of these businesses will be expected to provide uniformed security staff.

7. Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Until California’s economic activity is completely based on mobile wallets, smart payment cards, and cryptocurrencies, retail establishments where cash transactions take place will remain vulnerable. Retail giant Amazon is ready to start rolling out hundreds of futuristic convenience stores without cash registers, and they’re discussing assigning security guards to some of those locations.

8. Industrial Parks

Security concerns in the manufacturing and industrial sectors are not limited to employee theft or workplace violence. Security guards assigned to industrial parks can also act as first responders in case of accidents and medical emergencies and provide an extra set of eyes to observe and monitor safety practices.

In a constantly changing environment where we hear about new kinds of security risks every day, it’s crucial for every business to be aware of what dangers may face their industry and to take steps to make sure their security needs are met. The professionals at Security Consulting Group can help you assess your security needs and devise a plan that’s just right for you. If you’re looking to hire one of the top security companies in Chatsworth, call us today at 818-462-3080 and talk with one of our security experts.

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