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What Traits Do High-Quality Security Guards Possess?

Business owners concerned about the security of their human resources and physical assets should think about the personalities and traits of the guards who will be assigned to their companies. Security guards are often the first line of defense for many businesses in California. For this reason, guards are expected to have certain traits and skills. The experts from Security Consulting Group, a premier Chatsworth security provider, explain how providers of private security services hire, retain, and assign guards based on the following personal qualities.

Personal Dedication

Security guards should have a strong sense of duty in terms of recognizing that they’re tasked with protecting life and property. What this means is they may be expected to face situations when going above and beyond their duties will be required. Personal dedication is equivalent to professionalism, and this is a quality security agencies look for not only when they hire guards but also when they train them.


Honesty is a major aspect of business security. Even when incidents don’t conclude with positive outcomes, guards must be thoroughly honest about how things unfolded. One way for security agencies to gauge the integrity of new hires is through criminal background checks. Another method is to evaluate prior performance whenever possible, which is often easier with guards who are military veterans or who have worked in law enforcement.

Relevant Experience

Experience isn’t exactly a personality trait, but it’s certainly nice to see in individuals who hope to work as professional security guards. Prior military service isn’t the only relevant experience considered by hiring managers at security agencies. Previous work as paramedics, police officers, or loss prevention detectives can also be a good fit.

Ability to Stay Alert and Focused

Security guards are expected to always be vigilant, which means being able to focus on their duties from the moment they take their posts to the time they’re relieved. Quick thinking and fast reactions aren’t merely innate talents. They’re often the result of being alert and focused prior to security incidents unfolding.

Adequate Levels of Physical Fitness

Many of the posts private security guards assume require being on their feet for several hours. In some cases, they may need to cover large patrol areas on foot, and they’re always expected to be nimble enough to quickly respond to certain situations. On top of being healthy and fit enough to complete their assignments, guards may also be expected to carry people and physically defend against the actions of aggressors.

Strong Communication Skills

Verbal and written communications make up a large part of the duties and responsibilities of security guards, particularly when they file reports. Civil court cases, criminal investigations, and insurance company determinations may hinge upon the reports generated by security guards. 

If you’re planning to hire security for your business, make sure to look for a company that hires guards with these important qualities. When they need premium security guard services, Chatsworth business owners know they can trust the experienced professionals from Security Consulting Group. Give us a call today at 818-462-3080.

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