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5 Public Relations Tasks Performed by Security Guards

Professional security guards, whether armed or unarmed, are often the public face of a company or an artist’s brand. That responsibility sits alongside a lot of interaction with customers, curious bystanders, fans, and foes. Because of this, professional security guards are tasked with the following five public relations duties.

1. Protecting the Brand or Company Image

Whether they’re providing long-term protection for a business or one-time special event security, Chatsworth professional security guards are often the public’s first or only way to interact with an artist or company. They need to adhere to their employer’s policies while presenting a friendly face the public can relate to. While professional security guards are charged with protecting people and property, they must also act in ways that protect the brand or company image.

2. Practicing Active Listening

As the point of contact for a brand or company, a professional security guard must use active listening skills to ensure those approaching feel heard. In addition to actually listening, they must monitor their nonverbal cues, such as consistent eye contact, open body language, and reassuring head nods to indicate understanding. These nonverbal cues are visual indicators of listening, and often a potentially hostile situation can be handled merely by giving a person with a grievance an opportunity to feel heard.

3. Displaying Empathy

Empathy is a clear acknowledgment of how a person feels. It’s not clouded by emotion, and it can be expressed verbally or visually with a warm smile and a nod. Often, verbal empathy is accompanied by an apology for the situation that made the person feel negative emotions. Though this is an acceptable way to communicate empathy, professional security guards must remember that while they can apologize for the situation, they should never apologize for doing their job according to their company’s standards.

4. Handling Problems Discreetly

When dealing with the public, the occasional problem is unavoidable. Professional security guards must manage these problems in a discreet way—for example, quietly asking a complaining bystander to leave instead of screaming an order for everyone to hear. This discreet nature of problem solving leaves the reputation of the brand or company the guard is protecting untarnished.

5. Protecting the Client’s Confidentiality

Whether professional security guards are protecting an artist’s brand or a company, they must do so while maintaining strict confidentiality. Guards shouldn’t speak to the press, nor should they share details with friends or family members. Information should only be relayed to other company personnel who are actively working the same detail.

Since public relations is such a large part of security guards’ duties, they need to be able to operate with professionalism in a wide variety of settings and situations. When they’re looking for the highest levels of service and professionalism from security guard companies, Chatsworth businesses know they can rely on Security Consulting Group. If you need to hire professional security for your business or event, call us today at 818-462-3080.

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