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6 Ways to Stay Safer While Walking at Night by Yourself

Your safety in regard to walking alone at night isn’t something to take lightly, and you should always be prepared to encounter dangers when you saunter by yourself after the sun goes down and darkness arrives. Of course, walking with someone else or in a place where other people can help you is a good idea. However, inevitably, you’ll have to go solo at night as you head to and from your home or vehicle, to a bus, trolley, or train, to the office, a store, or a restaurant, to get some coffee, or on a stroll to enjoy the great outdoors where you can gaze at the stars, the moon, and/or the pretty lights. The security experts from Security Consulting Group, a premier provider of bodyguard services Chatsworth residents trust, offer these six ways to stay safer while you walk alone during the nighttime.

1. Remain Confident

Move confidently and with a sense of purpose. Always have your head up, and be alert. Make sure to maintain eye contact with anyone you pass to make them believe you’re not scared or weak and are instead a person who won’t make a good victim. You should also walk steadily and remain visible by facing the flow of traffic. Refrain from wandering around, even if you’re lost. If you don’t know how to get to your destination, find someone and ask him or her to direct you, then maintain your confidence as you move onward.

2. Embrace Your Instinct

Your gut usually guides you in the right direction. Treat your instinct like it’s your very best friend. It will help you stay confident and ready to defend yourself. Don’t worry about someone who may appear to be following you. Instead, look the person in the eye to show you’re well aware of his or her presence. It’s best not to confront the person—just make it clear you know you can see him or her. If you truly believe the person is following you, don’t go to your home or vehicle. Instead, move toward a public area and look for someone who can assist you.

3. Keep a Noisemaker with You

Women are often targeted because they look like they won’t be able to defend themselves. Carry a noisemaker (whistle, personal alarm, etc.) with you, and keep it on your keychain so you can use it immediately to alert people within earshot that you may be in peril. This strategy may fend off assailants in several instances.

4. Tell People What You’re Planning to Do

Communicate with friends or family to advise them where you’re going and what you plan on doing. Let them know such things as how and where you’re traveling and the time when you expect to arrive back from your destination. Make sure they know where they should look for you and when they should know you haven’t made it back home. You should make use of one or more of the many apps on your cell phone to track your location and send notice of when you should return to your home.

5. Be Alert and Don’t Get Distracted

You’ll need to stay alert and focused. Distractions are your enemy, and you should know where you are and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t wear headphones, listen to music, text, or surf the Internet when you’re walking alone at night. Only call someone when necessary, and stay aware of what’s going on around you.

6. Don’t Fumble Around with Stuff

Carrying cumbersome items such as various bags during a nighttime stroll is a bad idea and should be avoided. Holding heavy items restrains your upper body and can prevent you from being able to react quickly when you need to use your hands, arms, and shoulders to defend yourself. Try an alternative method such as a cart to carry these items, or make the extra trips necessary to keep your upper body free so you can avoid dangerous situations.

For residents in Chatsworth, armed private security provides the ideal level of safety when they’re walking alone at night, but if a guard isn’t around, following these tips can help them stay safer as they walk to their destinations in the dark. For more safety tips or information on hiring security for your residential or business location, give the professionals at Security Consulting Group a call today at 818-462-3080.

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