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5 Events That Should Have Security Guards Present

Any event that is inviting to large numbers of people can benefit from the presence of security guards. When diverse people gather in controlled areas, the potential for tense situations arises. The presence of security personnel tends to dissuade attendees from acting on impulse. Here are several popular event types that have the potential to incur incidents but can be smoothly operated with a security guard present. 

1. Political Speeches

High-profile speakers invite people to actively engage in the political process. Some speakers address very sensitive subjects that are important to diverse individuals. Security guards can make sure these speeches are free of altercations by allowing groups of people to participate in the event while adhering to local laws. Security personnel is also vital if a political rally erupts into any form of violence. They are a first response bridge to local law enforcement departments. 

2. Music Concerts

Concerts featuring extremely popular artists attract voraciously determined fans, and they are events where people feel free to act on impulse rather than restraint. Sometimes, behavior at concerts exceeds standards of safety. Security guards can tell when group behavior is getting to the point where an incident might occur. They can safely quiet crowds, separate individuals, maintain crowd partitions, and remove people who are causing problems. 

3. Large Religious Gatherings

Many communities organize church events that are open to multiple denominations and the public. Religious differences are a hot point in modern society, and there is always the potential for disturbances at a church event because of public inclusion. Security guards protect against all types of violence and many other types of criminal activity. Church organizations need to be aware of all people attending their events, including people with records of domestic and sexual crimes. Security guards at church events can spot known sexual offenders and monitor their activities. 

4. Rival Sporting Events

Even at the local level, sports can provoke strong emotions. Everyone is aware of rivalries like the Cubs vs. the Sox, but rivalries can be strong at non-professional events as well. Anytime a sports team meets on the field in an environment where a perennial rivalry is present, security should be a priority. Security guards at sporting events can prevent altercations in the crowd and spot gang activity. Trained guards can monitor normal crowds and take account of abnormal group behaviors. 

5. Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Any event that features sensitive material should have a strong Chatsworth guard security presence. Gun shows, job fairs, science demonstrations, and business development seminars should be bolstered by a security detail. Guards can protect speakers, monitor the transport of exhibit capital items, and make sure only authorized personnel enter restricted areas. The atmosphere of a trade show is enhanced by security because it signals that activities at the show are important enough to protect.

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