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5 Facts You May Not Understand about Using Security Guards

Whether you’re hiring a security guard for a private event or a whole crew to cover your corporate headquarters, there are still many things to learn about protecting people and property. Today, quite a few myths still circulate about security guards that may make it difficult for you to make the right choices. These five points, brought to you by the security experts from Security Consulting Group, a premier security firm in Chatsworth, are things you might not know about that can guide your decision as you put together your security plans.

1. You Can Request Unarmed Guards

When people think of security, they often think of guns and tasers. While commissioned security guards can carry weapons that are effective for deterring crime in certain situations, you may prefer a less threatening presence for your purpose. Unarmed security is also available to help with family-friendly events when you may not want people to be deterred from attending by an intimidating security presence.

2. Guards Do More than Just Stand Guard

Security guards can be hired to do much more than just patrol the grounds. Today, security guards can use technology to provide services such as instant background screenings before people are let onto the property. They can also monitor security cameras, greet guests at events, and keep an eye out for overall safety hazards that might arise so they can be corrected. Security guards are also trained in first aid and CPR, which means you’ll have extra people on-site who know what to do in an emergency.

3. You Have Options about Uniforms

Some people prefer the look of a security guard in full uniform standing at the entrance of an event. For public events, this is often preferred, since it helps people identify who to go to if they experience a threat. A uniformed guard also makes it clear to people that the event or location is being patrolled by security. However, there are also advantages to having a security guard wear street clothes. Plain clothes security guards are an option you can use when you prefer to have people overseeing an event who blend in with the general crowd.

4. Guards Focus on Prevention

When you hire security guards, the main goal is that they never have to take serious action, such as subduing suspected criminals. Instead, guards are constantly actively surveying crowds and the property to identify ways they can stop crime from happening. You’ll also find you can hire guards to deter employees from engaging in in-house theft.

5. Guards Serve as Witnesses After Threatening Events

If the worst-case scenario happens, security guards immediately go into action to protect people from harm while following the proper protocols for dealing with suspects. Once police arrive on the scene, your security guards will work with them to put together a report about what happened. When you hire security guards, remember they’re considered valid witnesses who can provide testimony in court if a situation requires further legal action.

Hiring professional guards for your business or event can provide you and your employees or guests with a sense of safety and security. Whether the need is for armed guards, mall security, bodyguard services, or guard patrol security, Chatsworth businesses and residents can rely on the experienced professionals from Security Consulting Group to provide high-quality service. Give us a call today at 818-462-3080.

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