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Things to Avoid in a Security Firm

If you’re looking to hire a security firm to resolve your security needs, you need to ensure you find the right agency to suit the needs of your business. Here’s what to avoid in a security company, brought to you by the trusted experts at Security Consulting Group, one of the premier security guard companies Chatsworth businesses rely on.

Lack of Proper Insurance and License

As you hire a security company, make sure to review their insurance certificate and license. In addition to having insurance, the firm needs to possess coverage levels that can sufficiently fund your defense when needed. A reputable security firm needs to have $1 million per occurrence in liability coverage, $2 million in umbrella coverage, and $3 million in aggregate coverage. They should also have worker’s compensation and auto liability coverage.

Low Prices That Seem Too Good to Be True

Avoid using a low price as the basis for choosing a security firm. There’s usually a direct relationship between the prices charged by a security company and the quality of the offered service. As a result, the lowest bidder could be lacking high-quality services. If you want to save money by going for a cheaper security firm, you’ll later incur the cost of their failure to offer sufficient security.

Lack of Uniform Options

While many security firms offer uniform options, some don’t. If they offer uniform options, you can request that the company have the security team wear uniforms that blend in with your environment. A good security company ensures its teams wear professional uniforms. Uniforms may have a big impact on the effectiveness of the guards

Failure to Consider Your Opinions

The ideal security firms know the right way to advise customers. Some security firms tell the customers what to do. They fail to take into consideration what’s important to the client and don’t ask for the client’s opinion. While a security firm consists of professional security support, it still needs to take the needs of your business into consideration. You understand your company better than everyone else, and it’s critical to recruit a security firm that understands the effects its services have on the business of its clients.

No Backup Team

Your security team needs to have a backup crew. Always confirm there are designated security guards who can cover an absentee’s shift. Ensure the security firm has measures for confirming security staff are on duty. Also, make sure they have sufficient workers who can fill in in case of emergencies. Failure to ensure there’s a backup team can lead to disaster when security staffing requirements are vital.

If you’re looking for the right company to protect you and your business, reach out to the experienced professionals at Security Consulting Group. We proudly offer the highest level of professional guard services. In Chatsworth, business owners should contact us for help with all their security needs. Call one of our knowledgeable representatives today at 818-462-3080 to schedule an appointment. 

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