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6 Common Security Risks at Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are susceptible to a variety of security risks, as large groups of people tend to congregate in areas with many exits. Identifying and addressing security risks is important for maintaining a safe and pleasant shopping experience while identifying suspicious behavior and handling certain issues. Here are the biggest security risks a shopping center faces and how they can be mitigated with Chatsworth guard security

1. Theft

Theft is one of the greatest security threats in a shopping center. Malls are frequently targeted by thieves, particularly groups of organized criminals who work together to blend into the crowd, hide in bathrooms to evade detection, and make use of multiple exits. Even typical shoplifters can become a major threat without the presence of visible security guards and video monitoring of shopping center exits, store entrances, and the parking lot. Trained security guards act as a visual deterrent to theft and can serve as a witness if theft occurs. 

2. Unauthorized Access 

Most malls and shopping centers have numerous exits and entrances for employees, deliveries, and customers. With heavy traffic and people carrying packages and bags over the course of the day, it can be difficult to monitor who is entering and leaving the building. Without security on site, it may be easy for unauthorized people to use employee or delivery entrances. 

3. Violent Incidents

As with any other crowded place, there is always the risk of random violence or even a fight breaking out during the busy holiday season. Security guards can serve as a deterrent to assault and other forms of violence while resolving these incidents quickly and effectively. 

4. Parking Lot Crime 

One of the greatest security risks at a shopping center doesn’t involve the building itself. Retail parking lots are a common target of theft, vandalism, and assault, and the courts have upheld that property owners have a duty to offer reasonable security on the premises. An unsafe parking lot that is a target for crime can make the property manager, owner, and retail owners liable. Security guards patrolling the parking lot or monitoring a security system can reduce the risk of crime and legal liability. 

5. Lost Children 

Lost children are a fairly common concern at shopping centers because small children tend to wander off and get lost in the crowd. Security personnel can control these emotional situations with protocols to locate lost children and help them reunite with their parents quickly. 

6. Emergencies 

If an emergency like a natural disaster, fire, or an attack strikes, a shopping center can quickly descend into chaos as employees and customers panic. Professional security guards are trained to handle emergency situations to reduce the risk of injuries and help customers and employees get to safety. Security personnel can evacuate the building and execute an emergency plan.

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