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Essential Duties of Professional Security Guards

Many California business owners feel hiring security guards is something they must do solely as a matter of compliance or to lower their commercial insurance policy premiums. While security guards can present certain advantages in terms of insurance rates and compliance requirements, they also have numerous duties and responsibilities that can enhance the operations and services of commercial establishments. Here are the most important duties of professional security guards. 

Protecting Life 

For security guards, nothing is more important than protecting the lives of company principals, staff members, partners, clients, and customers. This responsibility is not limited to reacting in situations when aggressors put lives in danger. Security guards are also trained to perform basic lifesaving procedures in case of medical emergencies. 

Protecting Property 

From loss prevention to inventory control and preventing employee theft to deterring vandalism, security guards are tasked with protecting the physical assets of companies, which may also include equipment and the personal vehicles of staff members. 

Being Constantly Vigilant 

While doing business, company owners cannot reasonably expect to observe, detect, and handle security issues, but security guards certainly can because this is one of their duties. Chatsworth guard security personnel are trained to sharpen their senses for the purpose of detecting situations that can disrupt the safety of staff members and customers as well as the integrity of the company. 

Reacting Quickly 

Security guards are expected to act quickly and provide immediate assistance when required. Whether the situation is a threat to security, a workplace accident, or a personal conflict, guards know favorable outcomes are more likely when they take immediate action. 


Due to their training, security guards are often assigned to monitoring centers where they can observe surveillance video and the input provided by special sensors. For this same reason, guards are posted at lobbies and other spots where they can monitor individuals coming in and out of commercial facilities. 

Maintaining Order 

Enforcing local laws and company policies is a crucial responsibility of security guards who are expected to defuse conflicts and prevent situations from escalating into damage, injury, or criminal acts. The presence of uniformed guards in commercial establishments goes a long way in terms of maintaining order, but they also know they are expected to take specific actions to keep the peace and prevent issues that can compromise safety and disrupt the smooth flow of business operations. 

Taking on Special Duties 

Security guards can become the image of a company. For example, if they are assigned to protect corporate offices, they can wear suits and ties instead of utility uniforms. Guards can also escort personnel, greet clients and customers, go undercover as store detectives, or brief managers on workplace security topics.

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