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How to Lessen the Chances of Your Business Being Vandalized

In 2018, vandalism was a major problem in California and across the nation. In late November, swastikas were crudely spray-painted over the murals celebrating African American history along Crenshaw Boulevard. Several stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame were targeted by vandals throughout the year, and two incidents at Cal State Northridge were reported to have featured racist and violent messages scrawled on campus walls. 

The random nature of vandalism makes it difficult to completely prevent. Unlike other types of property crimes that focus on larceny as a means of economic gain, vandalism is more complex and multidimensional. Compared to robberies, some acts of vandalism may cause deeper damage to business establishments. Here are some recommendations for reducing the risk of vandalism.

Post Security Guards in Visible Locations

Most perpetrators of vandalism won’t strike if they see security personnel posted on the premises. The only exception would be talented graffiti artists who take pride in bypassing surveillance and evading detection, but they won’t take a chance if they notice their potential targets are protected by disciplined guards—particularly armed guards and personnel who provide routine patrol security. In Chatsworth and other communities throughout southern California, it should be noted that business owners whose companies handle controversial matters are more likely to be targeted by vandals. One example would be law firms known to be involved with political lobbying.

Keep the Perimeter Clean and Tidy

Many vandalism incidents are crimes of opportunity. Perpetrators notice when the exterior of an establishment is being ignored, and this could entice them to take action because they believe their chances of getting caught will be diminished. Destructive vandals may also use rocks, discarded bottles, and other objects as missiles they can throw against buildings. Glass bottles can be converted into Molotov cocktails by arsonist vandals whenever a gas station is nearby.

Apply Anti-Graffiti Paint Coating

Modern anti-graffiti coating technology that includes siloxane has advanced to a level that allows easy cleaning without pressure washing. This coating can be easily applied to existing paint, and it’s recognizable to seasoned graffiti artists who don’t want their masterpieces to disappear from one day to the next.

Participate in Business Watch Programs

Many communities in Southern California have implemented business watch programs that operate in ways similar to their neighborhood crime watch counterparts. Local law enforcement agencies support these programs and are actively involved in their operations. An additional benefit of business watch programs is that they provide another channel for networking.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Virtually all commercial liability insurance policies treat vandalism as a covered peril, but there may be limits or deductibles to consider. Get in touch with your insurance agency to ensure you’re adequately covered. In many cases, implementing the recommendations mentioned above can help you get reasonable coverage at reduced premiums.

Vandalism is a security risk for any business, large or small, so it’s crucial to take steps to reduce the chances of being targeted by vandals. The professionals at Security Consulting Group can help you evaluate your security needs and customize a plan that’s right for your business. If you’re looking to hire one of the premier security companies in Chatsworth, CA, call one of our knowledgeable security experts today at 818-462-3080.


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