Large complexes, especially high-rise buildings require a higher level of security and SCG has a comprehensive solution to provide expert and highly experienced security guards for our clients. When an issue arises, the on-site security guard will often be the first responder. Having an on-site specialized high-rise security guard will help make the tenants and guests feel well-protected at all times and will act as a deterrent to any trespassers and/or terrorist actions. We will not only ensure the safety of the tenants and guests, but we will also detour any or all trespassers with access control to all exterior doors and common areas tracking what is coming in and leaving the premises.

Our trained specialists provide exceptional service and some services include:

  • Monitor cameras (CCTV)
  • Access Control
  • Implementing the ID system for your employees
  • Patrol the facility and report suspicious activities to the management
  • Concierge Service
  • Lock / Unlock doors
  • Log what is coming into the property and leaving the premises
  • Lobby ambassador
  • Daily Activity Report (DAR)
Security Consulting Group
Security Consulting Group


Our professional team will be an active visual obstacle for unlawful activities.


Our team will monitor incoming and outgoing visitors to prevent theft and vandalism.


Our Security Guards will provide the necessary support to people in need on-premises.


Security Personnel will periodically patrol the premises.

Detect & Verify

Our team will detect and verify any sign of interference to protect the premises.


The security guard at the premises will investigate any suspicious activity or trespass.


Our Professional Security Guard will properly contact authorities in emergency cases.


The security guard will write an accurate daily report properly.