Security Consulting Group

SCG security prevents crimes and enforces rules and regulations for events throughout California. Our unique team of officers are trained and licensed to provide security for special events, concerts, sporting events, community events, fundraisers, auctions, private dinners, award ceremonies, multi-day events, races, festivals, and many more. Their skills allow them to reliably deter trespassing, loitering, theft, vandalism, and crime while enhancing your ability to create a safe environment for all of your attendees.

Security Consulting Group
Security Consulting Group

Before, during, and after any event, we recommend a thoughtful discussion about your security needs. Our management team provides expert advice on how to assess your liabilities and designs a complete security plan to mitigate your risks. Our security plans are tailored to each event and budget, and can always be adapted as required. During the event itself, you can count on our professional security guards to fulfill all of their post order duties, and provide daily activity logs and incident reports. Our guards will implement your event’s defined rules and regulations, and provide assistance when requested. They can also be assigned to handle a variety of responsibilities, from checking bags to watching inventory to ticket taking.

Our Event Security Services Includes:

  • Ticket takers
  • Door supervision
  • Event access control
  • Bag and belonging search
  • Lost children
  • Evacuation planning
  • Parking control
  • Parking lot security
  • Customer service
  • Direct traffic
  • VIP escorts
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Fire watch
  • Crowd control or movement
  • Activity and incident reports
  • Foot, bike and vehicle patrols


Our professional team will be an active visual obstacle for unlawful activities.


Our team will monitor incoming and outgoing visitors to prevent theft and vandalism.


Our Security Guards will provide the necessary support to people in need on-premises.


Security Personnel will periodically patrol the premises.

Detect & Verify

Our team will detect and verify any sign of interference to protect the premises.


The security guard at the premises will investigate any suspicious activity or trespass.


Our Professional Security Guard will properly contact authorities in emergency cases.


The security guard will write an accurate daily report properly.