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How to Provide Security for a Parking Lot

Americans are known to be cautious around public parking lots, but this heightened level of precaution doesn’t seem to be sufficient in terms of preventing security incidents from happening in these structures. According to statistics published by the United States Department of Justice, up to 80 percent of the security incidents that take place at retail shopping centers happen in parking lots. Nearly 10 percent of property crime incidents happen in parking structures, particularly those located closer to urban centers.

Based on the aforementioned statistics, it’s in the best interests of California business owners to implement measures to keep parking lots secure. Here are some recommendations for increasing overall security in parking lots and garages.

Conduct a Security Audit

Some parking lots are more dangerous than others, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Instead of waiting for incident reports to accumulate, property managers should contact a security services provider to conduct an audit of the premises. Doing so may reveal previously undetected safety issues that can be easily improved.

Ensure Proper Lighting Conditions

Illumination is one of the first security aspects evaluated in a parking lot audit, and it isn’t limited to lighting conditions when the sun goes down. In some cases, glare can be reduced to prevent accidents, and the uniformity of the lighting can be improved so there are no shadowy corners where perpetrators may hide.

Add Transition Spaces

The riskiest parking structures are those that don’t offer a transition space between establishments and parking spots. Ideally, employees and customers shouldn’t be thrown right into garages or lots upon exiting offices or stores. It’s better to have them walk around obstacles such as railings or fences that merge onto pedestrian zones.

Hire Security Patrol

Purse snatchers and other criminals who tend to lurk around parking lots will stay away once they learn that security guards conduct foot or vehicle patrols. Visibly armed and uniformed guards are the smarter option because they will also deter sophisticated thieves who time the frequency and behavior of patrols, but they know better than to risk confronting guards from armed security companies. In Chatsworth, business owners should consider hiring this type of protection as a strong deterrent.

Provide Protected Waiting Areas

Tobacco control regulations in California have mostly done away with outdoor smoking areas that inadvertently provided protection around parking lots. Patrons, visitors, or employees who must wait for someone to pick them up from parking structures can benefit from a sheltered and well-lit area, preferably within sight of security guards or monitored by surveillance cameras. Old smoking areas can be converted into safe waiting areas in this regard.

Install Security Devices

Call boxes, sensors, and surveillance cameras are some technological advances that can make parking lots safer these days, and the cost of installing these devices has come down significantly. Commercial insurance companies tend to reward clients with lower premiums after they install security devices.

If you need electronic surveillance or you want to protect your parking structure with armed guards and/or patrol security in Chatsworth, call the experts at Security Consulting Group. We provide highly trained guards as well as state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to all of Southern California. To speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives, call 818-462-3080 today.

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