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Why Incident Reports Are Essential for Effective Security

One of a security guard’s most important responsibilities is taking notes and recording activities and incidents on report forms. While this may seem like a minor element of the job and less crucial than vehicle control and patrols, incident reports are essential to maintaining a secure and safe environment. Incident reports can be used to evaluate workplace safety, performance in a crisis, potentially hazardous conditions, crime, and more. The following are just some of the ways incident reports matter when it comes to corporate security services in Chatsworth.

Creates a Legal Record

When a crime occurs, such as an assault, internal theft, or shoplifting, an incident report creates a legal record of the incident that can be used in court. The incident report records information that might otherwise be forgotten, communicates this information to others, and refreshes the security guard’s memory if he or she needs to testify in court. Police may also use the incident report to interview witnesses, gather evidence, and make an arrest. Incident reports may also be used by the insurance company, attorneys, and company management.

Protects the Business from Claims

An accurate incident report can be invaluable when a business faces a frivolous or false lawsuit or claim filed by a disgruntled employee or unhappy customer. For example, an employee may attempt to claim wrongful termination, but an incident report can serve as evidence the employee was terminated due to illegal behavior, a verbal argument with a customer, or a serious safety violation.

Identifies Suspicious Patterns

Without incident reports, it’s unlikely that suspicious patterns on the property will be identified across shifts or even from one week to the next. If a security guard makes a detailed report about suspicious behavior on the property, the information is communicated to others on the staff to be alert or follow up. For example, these reports can uncover the cause of repeated car break-ins at an apartment complex by narrowing down the time the break-ins occurred and identifying possible flaws in security.

Tracks Possible Hazards or Security Threats

Incident reports can offer important insight into the security and safety of the property. Facility managers can use incident reports to identify where additional support or repairs are necessary to prevent major incidents in the future. For instance, an incident report detailing a damaged section of chain link fence ensures the information goes to the right parties. Without a report, a security guard may forget to pass along the information, or it may never reach someone in a position to fix the security risk.

Encourages Observation

The use of incident reports is an effective way to create a culture of observation, safety, and quality improvement. When security guards are encouraged to submit incident reports, they’re more likely to pay attention to issues that need to be brought to someone’s attention—not just serious risks to security but also minor issues such as frequent loitering or areas in disrepair.

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