-: May 27, 2019 / Nick K

6 Security Strategies That Aren’t as Foolproof as You Expected

Protecting your business from theft and violent crimes is an essential part of your plans. However, many business owners rely too much on certain security measures without considering that almost nothing is completely foolproof. While all of these are great strategies to employ, it’s important to recognize the potential holes in your plan so you can take further action to prevent crime at your company. The professionals from Security Consulting Group, one of the top security companies in Chatsworth, offer the following advice to boost security for your business.

1. Putting Up Gates

Folding steel gates are a common way to protect storefronts at night. You may also reduce access to parking and loading areas by installing gates around the perimeter of the property. While these do help with deterring theft, you also need to remember someone should check them regularly. All it takes is an employee leaving one open for them to be rendered ineffective.

2. Conducting Background Checks

Pre-employment screenings can weed out the obvious criminals. However, you need to remember that even if a person doesn’t have a criminal record, he or she could still commit a crime. Your company’s employees may be tempted to steal equipment or funds even if they’ve never engaged in criminal activity before. Having a security guard who monitors employee activity can stop crimes of convenience by people you’ve trusted with your company.

3. Installing Video Monitoring Systems

Cameras are a great way to keep an eye on crime. However, many businesses let the tapes roll but never take the time to watch them. Trying to catch a criminal after the act is complete is much harder than stopping a crime in progress. Always hire someone to monitor the security cameras during times your business is at heightened risk for crime.

4. Adding More Lights

It’s true that proper lighting can deter criminals. After all, they don’t want to be identified. However, you could also be making it easier for people to gain entry to the building. For instance, lights can allow a criminal to see how to pick a lock or get over a gate. Work with your professional security guards to determine where lighting is helpful and where it may not be worth adding.

5. Using Locks and Safes

You’ve trained your employees to lock valuables up at night in safes or vaults. You may have also added a strong locking system to the exterior doors. Locks and safes are always a great defense against common criminals. However, most can be broken into if a person has enough time to figure out how. Having a guard patrol the premises makes it harder for criminals to get away with carrying out a safe or picking a lock, since they never know when someone might show up.

6. Launching an Employee Reporting System

Your employees should have a way to report suspicious activity in the workplace. However, they may not feel comfortable reporting their concerns to a supervisor who could reveal their identities to the people being accused. Make sure the reporting system you set up includes a neutral person for the reports to be made to, such as a security guard. 

While nothing is completely foolproof, implementing security measures at your business can provide you and your employees with a greater sense of safety and security. Whether you need high-quality residential or corporate security or you’re looking for premier professional guard services in Chatsworth, look no further than the experienced professionals from Security Consulting Group. Give us a call today at 818-462-3080.

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