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5 Ways to Stay Safe at Summer Festivals & Other Events

Summer is the season when event organizers are at their busiest setting up fun activities for locals and visitors alike. Summer festivals, block parties, concerts, and fairs draw crowds, build excitement, and create security risks. For this reason, it’s crucial to become informed about measures that can be taken to stay safe during these events. Here are five recommendations for staying safe when heading out into the crowds this summer. 

1. Gather Information About the Event 

Checking the weather, road conditions, news, and general information is crucial before arriving at the event you’re attending. Many festivals these days offer mobile apps that provide up-to-the-minute information about the event. This information should be collected for the purpose of being prepared and making plans for the entire day. Those who are planning on driving long distances should also gather information about hotels or campgrounds where they can spend the night if needed. 

2. Augment Security Presence in Nearby Commercial Establishments 

Many summer events are organized specifically with the intention of generating foot traffic for local business owners. For example, take the North Beach Festival in San Francisco, which has a strong focus on local restaurants. If you run a restaurant or other business that will be affected by a summer event, it would be a good idea to post uniformed Chatsworth security guards during the event so both patrons and staff members will feel safer. 

3. Practice Situational Awareness 

Upon arriving at the event, take account of the geography, surroundings, and premises. At large festivals and events held in convention centers, a mental confirmation should be made of where the exits and evacuation routes are. Furthermore, first-aid stations and security checkpoints should be identified and remembered. Situational awareness is something that can be practiced as a group by means of agreeing on a rendezvous point in case of emergencies or if group members become separated. 

4. Address Potential Medical Concerns 

Even though the flu season in California comes to an end before the summer, viral outbreaks are not uncommon during festivals. Naturally, most people don’t realize they have contracted an infectious disease until after the event. Whenever possible, getting an influenza vaccine prior to attending crowded events is highly recommended. Other medical concerns that should be addressed include known allergies, diabetic conditions, epilepsy, and vasovagal syndrome. Proper hydration is essential when attending events in the California desert, and prescription medication should be taken along. 

5. Carry Only Essential Items

 Summer events often attract pickpockets and thieves who work in groups. To this effect, the best way to handle these unpleasant individuals is to not give them opportunities to ply their larcenous trade. Carrying as little as possible is highly recommended. Most people will be fine with carrying a small amount of cash, a mobile phone, car keys, identification card, and prescription medications.

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