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Strategies for Increasing Security in a Hotel

Managing a hotel involves a constant stream of arrivals and departures, and it’s easy for security issues to go unnoticed. However, there are steps hotel owners and managers can take to keep guests safe. Today’s guests expect hotels to take all steps needed to ensure safety. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Install Video Cameras

Installing cameras and recording video used to be an expensive process. However, modern technological developments have caused prices to drop significantly, and a basic set of cameras is easy to set up and install. Furthermore, wireless technology provides excellent flexibility, letting hotel owners and managers place cameras wherever they’re needed and even move them around. In addition to providing evidence after a security incident has occurred, cameras also serve as an effective deterrent, and would-be security risks might move elsewhere if a security camera is visible.

Hire Professional Guards

Highly trained Chatsworth security guards know what to look for, and they can defuse situations before they become security risks. Furthermore, security guards know the signs of potential problems, and they can relay invaluable information promptly and call for law enforcement when needed. Much like cameras, security guards can be a powerful deterrent. Guests may even be more likely to stay at your hotel if they know they’re being protected by security guards.

Focus on Keys and Locks

Electronic hotel keys are becoming the norm, and hotels that haven’t yet invested in electronic locking may wish to do so because it allows rooms to be easily rekeyed after changing guests. It’s also worth investing in deadbolts for each room because they provide additional peace of mind to guests and can prevent intrusions. If using electronic keys is not an option, make sure to keep a careful inventory of your keys, and replace your locks if any keys end up missing. Make sure all keys are labeled that they’re not meant to be duplicated.

Identify All Workers Who Come to the Premises

Hotels depend on support staff to keep everything up and running. However, it’s easy for a would-be criminal to wear a shirt with the name of a service company and slip by undetected. Make sure all visits are scheduled in advance, check the IDs of all workers who show up, and make sure they have an appointment scheduled in advance. Communicate with staff so they can report any worker who has not checked in beforehand.

Track All Breaches

Mistakes are inevitable, but they can be excellent learning experiences. If your hotel has any security breaches, even minor ones, make sure to log what happened and find out what mistakes were made along the way. Regularly conduct reviews and audits, and ensure all staff members are given updated instructions if any changes are made.

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