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6 Ways Professional Guards Prevent Shoplifting

One of the primary reasons to hire security in Chatsworth for a commercial setting is to prevent theft. By engaging in the following practices, security guards can provide a better degree of protection against theft.

1. Establish a Strong Presence

A security officer’s primary concern should be to remain visible, which may include greeting customers as they come into the business and patrolling the store at irregular intervals. Guards can ask customers if they need help finding anything, which enables them to be helpful and simultaneously remind potential shoplifters they’re being watched for suspicious activity.

2. Learn to Identify Shoplifters

Most shoplifters behave suspiciously, and guards can more easily identify them when they know the behaviors shoplifters typically exhibit. For instance, they frequently look at store employees and other patrons, wander around aimlessly, or leave the store and return several times. Additionally, guards can determine when certain customers gravitate toward areas that are more difficult to watch.

3. Keep an Eye on Easily Stolen Items

Certain products make more tempting shoplifting targets than others, typically smaller and more valuable items. One aspect of a security guard’s job should be to identify these items and pay close attention to them. It may be wise for guards to spend more time patrolling areas where these products are found rather than focusing on larger items. It will be more difficult for shoplifters to slip small items into their pockets if there’s a heavier security presence in the area.

4. Check Receipts Randomly

Another good practice for deterring shoplifting is to visually check customers’ receipts as they leave the store, which ensures they will only leave with the items they purchased. Additionally, other customers will observe this activity and be less likely to try to add something extra to their cart. Shoplifters sometimes try to steal larger items simply by walking out of the store with them, but if they see a security officer is checking receipts they will be less likely to attempt this type of theft.

5. Prevent Customers from Carrying Bags Around the Store

Customers should be discouraged from carrying large bags and backpacks as they shop. It’s easy for thieves to slip merchandise into a bag when store personnel and security officers aren’t watching. Instead, guards can insist the bags either be returned to the customer’s vehicle or be left at the register. Alternatively, guards can offer to hold the bag at the customer service or security desk until the customer has finished shopping.

6. Keep an Irregular Schedule

Security guards should rotate the times when they patrol the store. Changing routes can be helpful as well. By making it difficult for shoplifters to identify a pattern in an officer’s routine, it will be more difficult to commit acts of theft.

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