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How Private Security Guards Can Assist Law Enforcement

When it comes to security guards, there can be a tendency on the part of police to give them a bit of a bad rap. A common comment is that security professionals are “just guards.” However, security guards often perform many of the same functions as police officers. They also write summonses, appear before judges to testify, and undergo local, state, and FBI background checks along with hundreds of hours of training. In fact, in some cases, security guards provide valuable assistance to law enforcement.

Be the First Responder on the Scene

When local law enforcement arrives on the scene, more often than not they’ll be greeted by a security guard who briefs them on the incident and will be available to answer any questions the police officers might have. The security guard can then express his or her willingness to help and step aside to let the police officers do their job.

Assist with Location Information

There’s no question that law enforcement officers have a lot of territory to cover, so they cannot possibly know the layout of every type of property they encounter. However, security guards can assist them in this area because they know the building or property well. They can alert the responding law enforcement officer to the locations of stairwells, entrances, exits, fire alarm equipment, and the levels of any buildings in question.

Provide a Helping Hand in Urban Areas with a High Propensity for Crime

As proficient as many police officers are at their jobs, the fact of the matter is that many police agencies are understaffed. Simply put, police officers cannot be in multiple places at the same time. Thus, a security guard can be crucial for providing protection for apartment complexes, strip malls, and other business areas that have a tendency for high rates of crime. Highly visible patrol security, in Chatsworth and other California communities, can provide an extra layer of deterrence that keeps away would-be criminals.

Follow a High Standard of Behavior

If a security firm is worth its salt, it will educate its employees on proper interaction with law enforcement. The best rule of thumb is to maintain eye contact with the officer and simply observe and report. Maintaining professionalism at all times goes a long way toward how law enforcement officers perceive security employees. 

When it comes to choosing the right company to meet your security needs, one thing to keep in mind is how security guards interact with local police and sheriff’s departments. To optimize your security personnel’s relationship with law enforcement, make sure to choose a company that provides the highest level of professional guard services. In Chatsworth, business owners rely on the experienced professionals at Security Consulting Group for their expertise and unparalleled standards of professionalism. Call one of our knowledgeable representatives today at 818-462-3080 to schedule an appointment. 

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