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How to Deter Crime at Your Business with Outdoor Lights

Everyone wants to feel safe at their business premises, so business owners should invest in effective security measures such as outdoor lighting. Burglars and vandals often prefer to break in under cover of darkness, when business owners are unlikely to notice them, which is the reason many thieves prefer to vandalize shops at night. However, with outdoor lighting around their premises, business owners have a better chance of fending off intruders.

Interior lights are necessary to show someone is still on the premises. You can also use televisions, radios, and spotlights to make business premises appear occupied. Your exterior lights, including lights in the front of the store, should be on a timer. You can fit your exterior lighting with motion sensors and timers and use them as a security system in the following ways.

Fit the Lights Correctly

Anyone with experience in installing electrical equipment can fit their security lights themselves. Alternatively, you can ask a trusted friend or hire a qualified electrician to do it for you if you’re inexperienced. As long as you fit the security lights correctly, you should have peace of mind and be assured of the safety of your property.

Choose the Location Wisely

Besides choosing the most appropriate lighting option for the premises, you need to find the best position to install these devices. For example, these devices should always point down so they can light up your compound instead of neighboring premises. Pointing the lights down can reduce glare, which often blinds business owners and aids thieves. Lights should also be installed high up off the ground to make it difficult for burglars to tamper with them. Make sure the exterior lights illuminate all entryways to your business premises. Lighting is a great tool to ward off criminals, but if you think you might need an even greater level of security, you may also want to hire security in Chatsworth to patrol the premises.

Choose the Right Types of Lights

Many security lights feature infrared sensors, which activate the lights when an object or a person passes near their field of detection. Exterior lights fitted with these sensors are ideal for lighting up high-traffic areas around a business premise, such as driveways. However, exterior lights aren’t the only option for lighting up business premises. Instead, low-pressure sodium lights can serve as an alternative. These lights use photoelectric cells to illuminate a compound, and they switch themselves on at dusk and off at dawn. Though they remain on throughout the night, low-pressure sodium lights are less obstructive compared to spotlights and are also cheaper to run than other security lights.

In today’s world, there are more tools than ever to help business owners keep their locations safe. In addition to installing outdoor security lighting to protect your business, think about hiring the best corporate security services in Chatsworth. Reach out to Security Consulting Group at 818-462-3080 today to receive a free quote.

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