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4 Tips for Keeping Your Retail Store More Secure on Black Friday

Black Friday is a crazy day for retail stores. On this busiest shopping day of the year, it can be difficult to keep an eye on every person in the place. Staff may not be trained to properly handle a dispute if one breaks out. On Black Friday, stores are often not secure enough, and they run into problems that might have been avoided with proper planning. Here are a few ways to increase security during Black Friday.

1. Hire Additional Security

Your normal amount of security will not be sufficient on a day as busy as Black Friday. With the massive increase in customers, there should be at least a slight increase in security. Security should be highly trained to properly control crowds and break up physical disputes. All security should be trained well on what to watch for in case of an attempted theft of high-priced items. 

If you hire extra security on Black Friday, the security personnel should have this specialized training, which is similar to that received by a mall security guard. In Chatsworth, store owners should plan early and hire security firms that provide this kind of instruction to its guards.

2. Place the Hottest Items in Different Areas of the Store

In the past, hot items were placed in one general location, resulting in crowds that were far too large to control, and many times, fights broke out. Customers and store employees were injured, merchandise was broken, and the store became a scene of uncontrollable chaos. Over the years, some businesses have begun spreading the hot items across the store to break up the crowds. This way, the customers are all heading in different directions instead of turning into one massive crowd.

3. Provide Training to All Store Employees

Even with extra security, store employees should be trained to protect themselves and customers if necessary. Employees should be trained to:

  • Screen the area
  • Safely move cash
  • Communicate to other employees that there is a threat
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Give descriptions and other information needed to gather in the event of a crime
  • Tell customers the way to exit the store during an emergency closing

4. Focus on High-Risk Areas

You know the areas of the store that encounter the most theft. Extra security or employees should be stationed near these areas to avoid taking a huge loss on a busy day. In addition to those areas, there are likely other parts of the store that are considered high-risk as well—including restrooms and garbage cans—and these should also be monitored more heavily. The restrooms at retail stores are the most private areas of the store, so criminals often feel comfortable committing crimes inside them. Garbage cans are ideal places for criminals to store stolen merchandise, explosives, and other illegal items. All of these high-risk areas should be more heavily patrolled during Black Friday.

Black Friday can give a great boost to sales, but it can also give retailers a big headache if they don’t have proper security in place. Store owners should look for only the finest in security guard services. Chatsworth retailers should call Security Consulting Group today at 818-462-3080 for a free quote. We provide highly trained guards you can rely on every day of the year.

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