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5 Ways Cameras Are Helpful for Professional Guards

In the last couple of years, the issue of body worn video equipment, more commonly known as body cams, has made news headlines in Southern California. Law enforcement officers commonly wear body cams, but they may soon become part of the equipment security guards use to carry out their duties. Body cams are just one part of the video surveillance aspect of professional security, which aims to give better protection and peace of mind to clients. While there is a bit of debate about the merits of security camera systems over guards and vice versa, the truth is that combining these two elements of security is highly recommended. 

Here are five ways security cameras enhance the work of security guards. 

1. Send a Very Strong Message 

Sophisticated larceny crews can inflict real financial damage to commercial establishments. These are the types of criminals who take pride in pulling off major heists without getting caught because they do not take unnecessary risks. If these thieves see an establishment protected by security cameras and sharp-looking Chatsworth security guards, they will choose another target. 

2. Get a Heads-Up Before Going on Patrol 

A guard who is expected to go on patrol a few times during a shift should take a look at the video feed on his or her route prior to execution to learn about what might be encountered. For example, if a camera shows a group of individuals suspiciously hanging around near a side entrance, more than one guard should go on that specific patrol. 

3. Increase Personal Safety

Just like business owners, employees, and customers, security guards like to feel safe in a commercial establishment. For example, a mall security guard in Chatsworth will feel better knowing his or her partners are monitoring the premises from a CCTV control room. 

4. Record Evidence 

When security guards respond to situations being filmed by surveillance cameras, they tend to be more mindful and confident of their actions. Should there be a need to escalate protective measures and use force, guards will know their actions are supported by recorded video, which law enforcement agents and insurance adjusters can use as evidence. Reviewing surveillance film can also help security guards complete their reports after handling incidents. 

5. Help with Planning and Executing Security Plans 

The first step of any security strategy involves an assessment that precludes planning. When security plans are formulated, they may be subject to future changes and adjustments, which is when security cameras can be of great assistance. Reviewing video footage during various times of the day can help guards determine why some items are being shoplifted with greater frequency and what they can do to prevent this crime from happening in the future. It’s easier to rewrite a security plan when there is input from guards as well as video footage.

Cameras can be a great asset in keeping your business secure, but they’re much more effective if you have professional security guards to monitor them and patrol the area. Call Security Consulting Group today at 818-462-3080 if you need highly trained security guards in Southern California.

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