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How to Maximize Security and Safety for Your Company’s Holiday Party

In the American business world, company holiday parties are anxiously awaited not just by employees but also by business owners who wish to show their kind and generous side. This magnanimous approach to personnel management can go a long way toward building morale, but the reality of these events is that they can also leave the door open to liability, safety risks, and unpleasant legal situations. Here a few safety and security aspects company owners should keep in mind as they plan their holiday parties.

Make the Party a Family-Friendly Event

Family events aren’t as expensive as some business owners might think. In fact, making the party solely for employees without giving them an opportunity to invite their spouses and children may reflect poorly on the company, since it may be interpreted as a stingy move. Employees will think twice about engaging in inappropriate behavior in front of family members. The company’s positive image will be boosted by the social connections formed at the holiday party, particularly when families meet each other again year after year.

Provide Security at the Event

In Japan, nomikai drinking parties are part of corporate culture, and workers are practically expected to become inebriated. Naturally, Japanese culture tends to be very different because employees will readily accept apologies and forgive social transgressions during nomikai events. However, this doesn’t stop Japanese bosses from hiring security guards for event security services. In Chatsworth, companies are strongly advised to hire security personnel for company parties where liquor will be consumed because it can significantly increase safety and reduce overall liability.

Circulate Company Policy Reminders

Business owners organizing their first company party should make it a point to meet with their human resources managers and ensure company policies are updated regarding harassment and social events. If new chapters, paragraphs, or amendments are made part of existing policy, they should be circulated among staff ahead of the party. Instead of distributing the entire policy manual, shorter memos that apply to the party can be circulated.

Hold the Party Off Premises

In California, serving liquor requires permits that companies may not wish to pursue on their own. Shifting the party to a venue that holds proper licenses also results in shifting liability, and it also provides an opportunity to establish a token beverage system or a cash bar that limits inebriation.

Make Attendance Optional

With the exception of human resources and personnel managers, no one should be required to attend a company party. The last thing a boss will want is to have employees in foul moods at the party, since this may create confrontations. Something else to keep in mind is in relation to gifts: they shouldn’t be limited to those in attendance at the party. A company that wants to gift coupons for family dinners should make them available to all employees regardless of how they feel about office parties.

If you’re hosting a special company event for the holidays, your guests’ safety is of course your primary concern, so it’s a great idea to hire a company that provides premier security guard services. Chatsworth companies trust Security Consulting Group when they need high-quality security services, whether it’s for single events or long-term security needs. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 818-462-3080 to schedule a consultation.

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