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How Financial Institutions Can Increase Security

Every year, hundreds of financial institutions in the United States are the victims of armed robberies. In addition to traditional armed robberies, there are thousands of smaller thefts, ranging from ATM vandalism to employee theft. Fortunately, there are several ways banks and other organizations that need corporate security services in Chatsworth can protect themselves. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to boost security at a financial institution.

Consider the Building’s Layout

A building should have only one main entrance for all employees and customers. This entrance should always be staffed by a security guard during working hours. If there are other entrances to a building, consider converting them to one-way doors that serve as emergency exits. While it’s important to have emergency exits in the event of a fire or other hazard, having a single entrance ensures everyone can be screened by a central security guard prior to entering the building.

Add Cameras

The main entrance of a building should have at least five to six security cameras that cover all potential angles. These cameras should be located at ground level and on the ceiling. Since many bank robbers will try to lean over or hunch to hide their faces, having cameras at ground level ensures their faces are caught on video, which can make it easier to obtain convictions down the road.

Make Sure the Parking Lot Has Only One Entrance

If a getaway car can easily be parked in front of a bank, it makes it easier for robbers to quickly enter the building and then escape. If there’s only one entrance to a parking lot, a potential robber would have to turn around the getaway car, which could add 10 to 20 seconds to the escape time.

Ensure Proper Lighting

ATMs should always be surrounded by multiple lights. In many cases, criminals wait near an ATM until a bank customer makes a withdrawal, and then they rob the customer. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to make sure an ATM is as visible as possible. This holds true in particular for ATMs on the exterior of a building. There should also be at least four exterior cameras for each outdoor ATM. 

By following these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to significantly enhance the security at your bank or other financial institution. In addition to reducing liability, this can bring peace of mind to your customers. Of all the measures outlined above, perhaps the most effective is having highly visible professional security guards at every entrance as well as patrolling the parking lot. To hire armed or unarmed guards with experience and outstanding professionalism, reach out to Security Consulting Group, one of the best security guard companies Chatsworth has to offer. Call 818-462-3080 today to receive a free quote.

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