Educational & Institutional Security

Secure Your Educational Environment using our educational services!

SCG secures your campus with well-trained security experts and integrated risk consulting and state-of-the-art technology solutions so you can focus on creating a safe environment for your students, faculty, and staff.

  • Our friendly security experts employ a customer service mindset through incident management and safety patrols including parking enforcement and student escorts.
  • Access control solutions to manage visitors and provide lock-out assistance if required.
  • The only security services provider that invests in a dedicated K-12 and Higher Education support expert team for thought leadership, solution design, and program management.

Security guards’ patrolling on campus can add a more secure feeling to the entire educational environment. When expert security guards patrol across the campus, criminals will be hesitant to approach, and vandalism will be prevented. Young kids, who are studying in the school, can engage in various acts which can either be dangerous or unsafe. A large facility like a university, in particular, can be a perfect place for such movements. However, the presence of on-site security guards can decrease the potential for undesirable situations. When guards continuously patrol through the campus, students will hardly think of doing something wrong.

Security Consulting Group
Security Consulting Group

SCG has the experience to successfully secure your educational facility and campus. SCG campus safety officers are highly trained and expert in communication to ensure the client maintains the appropriate educational atmosphere. Emergency response and preparedness are the foundation of SCG campus safety officers. With this state of mind, a rapid response to dangerous incidents is assured.


Our professional team will be an active visual obstacle for unlawful activities.


Our team will monitor incoming and outgoing visitors to prevent theft and vandalism.


Our Security Guards will provide the necessary support to people in need on-premises.


Security Personnel will periodically patrol the premises.

Detect & Verify

Our team will detect and verify any sign of interference to protect the premises.


The security guard at the premises will investigate any suspicious activity or trespass.


Our Professional Security Guard will properly contact authorities in emergency cases.


The security guard will write an accurate daily report properly.