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How to Tell If Your Company Needs Professional Security

All businesses need a security plan, and some need proactive measures such as posting security guards. We live in times when companies are facing greater risks. In many cases, business owners who may not have required the services of security guards a few decades ago are now evaluating this option. If you own a company, you should take time to conduct a security assessment to determine whether your business should hire security in Chatsworth. The following indicators can help you determine this need.

High Rates of Shrinkage 

Retail store owners should expect some level of loss related to shoplifting and employee theft, but it should not be higher than two percent. Restaurant owners can expect 1.4 percent and distributors who operate warehouses should expect about 1 percent. High shrinkage rates indicate a need for greater security measures. 

Expensive Insurance Premiums 

If you are getting sticker shock from the premiums quoted by your commercial liability insurance agent, you should start shopping around for policy providers. If this effort does not result in lower premiums, it may be time for you to retain the services of a professional security firm. Most insurance providers offer premium discounts to business owners who keep security guards at their establishments. 

Location in a High-Crime Area 

Some districts happen to be riskier than others, particularly for retail stores and other companies that manage cash on a daily basis. With the help of armed guard private protection in Chatsworth, you can deter certain crimes that may be common in the area.

Risk of Overzealous Activists 

The 1999 World Trade Organization summit in Seattle introduced a new and dangerous era of activism. Anti-globalist factions borrowed tactics from the direct activism strategy used by organizations such as Greenpeace and Sea Shepherds. The result was vandalism, violence, and sabotage. Business owners who operate in sectors that are politically controversial should think about protecting their companies, clients, and staff members with the physical presence of security guards. 

Your Competition Thrives with the Help of Security

When you manage your business correctly in terms of efficiency and marketing, you should have as much store traffic as your competitors. If you notice competing businesses with security guards are attracting more customers, don’t allow your company to fall behind. The presence of guards sends a positive signal to customers and visitors who will feel you care about their safety as much as you care about getting their business. 

Overall Safety Needs Improvement

Commercial establishments that get a lot of traffic can always benefit from the presence of security guards. Beyond access control and traffic monitoring, security guards can also respond to emergency situations and accidents. If your company operates a parking lot, posting security personnel can substantially reduce liability risks. Moreover, security guards are trained to respond to situations such as natural disasters, power outages, employee conflicts, and medical emergencies.

If you need professional security guards to protect your business, reach out to Security Consulting Group. We offer professional guards in Chatsworth and other cities throughout Southern California. To speak with one of our friendly representatives, call 818-462-3080 today.

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