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Do I Need Unarmed or Armed Security Guards?

Choosing between armed and unarmed guards can be quite troublesome, especially if you lack adequate information on the security needs of your business or event. For most people, armed guards represent the highest level of security. However, hiring unarmed guards can be convenient, especially when you’re operating a low-risk business. Below is a guide to help you determine the best option between armed and unarmed guards.

Reasons to Opt for Armed Guards:

Risky Locations

If you plan to operate in a potentially unsafe location, it’s advisable to examine the area’s security levels. Remember, the riskier the location, the greater the need for heightened security. In Chatsworth, armed private security guards are preferred in areas prone to violent or life-threatening attacks.

High-Risk Operations or High-Profile Events

When operating high-risk ventures or organizing high-profile events, it goes without saying that security cannot be compromised. It’s recommended to opt for armed guards who will provide increased levels of security to safeguard all operations.

Behind-the-Scenes Security

Despite the importance of well-equipped guards on location, the sight of armed personnel in businesses or social places can serve to increase concerns over security. However, it’s important to have a reasonable number of armed guards protecting your business or event behind the scenes without the knowledge of customers, as this guarantees safety due to the availability of immediate responses.

Reasons for Selecting Unarmed Guards:

Reduced Costs

Acquiring the services of unarmed guards is less expensive than hiring armed guards. Therefore, if you’re looking to cut down on overall security costs, unarmed guards provide a valuable alternative that still maintains high levels of security for your business or event. It’s advisable to hire unarmed guards with proven track records to ensure your security levels remain high.

Easy Access to Law Enforcement

If your business is located close to a police station or other law enforcement area, there’s minimal need to opt for armed guards. Operating close to law enforcement gives your business extra protection, which reduces the need to acquire armed guards. However, it’s important to acquire the right number of guards to ensure the entire premises are well protected.

Reduced Liability

In the event of accidents or undesirable outcomes as a result of improper weapons handling, business owners are held accountable more often than not. As such, you should consider settling for unarmed guards if you’re not willing to deal with the high levels of liability associated with armed guards. Hiring armed guards also requires more attention to detail due to the need to ensure they’re licensed, experienced, and skilled enough to handle weapons.

Make sure to consider the above factors when you’re deciding whether to hire armed or unarmed guards. If you need advice about which security services are right for your business, reach out to the experienced professionals at Security Consulting Group. We proudly offer the highest level of professional guard services, including event security, bodyguard services, and guard patrol security. Chatsworth business owners should contact us for help with choosing the security services that meet their unique needs. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 818-462-3080 to schedule an appointment. 

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