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How to Select the Best Professional Security Guard for Your Business

When your company’s security plan calls for posting guards on the premises, your next step should be to start thinking about the type of security personnel who will be assigned to protect your business. After designating trustworthy managers to coordinate security matters in your company, you may want to schedule a meeting with one of the top security companies in Chatsworth to review your plan, assess your needs, and help you find the most adequate guards. Here are a few things to consider when selecting the right guard.

Check for Licensing

The security agency you choose to do business with must be properly licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, and the same goes for the guards they provide. Licenses indicate background checks have been conducted and certain training and compliance requirements, such as liability insurance, have been met. 

Make Sure the Guard Has Been Properly Trained

The evaluation of the security plan and the assessment of your company’s needs will determine the type of training your guards should have. The most basic training for licensing purposes is focused on personal and property protection, first aid, compliance, and weapons handling. Advanced training should be provided by the security services firm, and it may include public relations, retail loss prevention, executive protection, counterterrorism, investigations, and risk assessment. 

Check for Background and Experience 

Pay close attention to the professional background, personal experience, and overall profile of the security guards proposed by the agency. Quite a few military veterans transition to the security field as civilians, and they tend to be very resourceful in many situations. Former law enforcement officers are ideal for companies with higher risks of robbery, while guards who have previously worked as store detectives are highly recommended for retail stores. Naturally, guards who have previously been assigned to companies in your sector are highly recommended. 

Look for Guards Who Are Monitored and Supervised 

Guards are expected to work with the managers you assign to handle security matters for your company, but they may also be supervised by the security services provider. Look for guards who are closely supervised by a clear chain of command, which means they can count on the support and assistance of their superiors if needed. In some cases, security guards are monitored via the GPS functionality of their smartphones and radios. Guards who stay in constant contact with their supervisors tend to feel safer and more capable of carrying out their duties. 

Choose Between Armed and Unarmed Guards 

For the most part, armed security guards will weigh a little heavier on your budget, but they are often the best deterrent. When sophisticated thieves see uniformed armed guards patrolling your business, they will likely look for some other establishment to target. The reason armed guards cost more is because of the additional training and the higher liability insurance premiums the security services provider must shoulder.

If your company is looking for professional guard services in Chatsworth or another region in southern California, reach out to Security Consulting Group. We provide armed and unarmed guards who can protect a wide array of businesses. Call 818-462-3080 today for a free quote.

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