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Advantages of Hiring Construction Site Security

Construction site theft is big business across the country. Unsecured construction sites can be easy targets for thieves, costing businesses billions every year in stolen equipment and building materials, downtime, and project-overrun penalties. Construction sites also come with other risks aside from theft, including safety concerns and controlled access. Security guards are the most cost-effective option that addresses several concerns. Here’s how you can benefit from hiring on guard security in Chatsworth for your construction site. 

Prevent Equipment Theft 

For thieves, construction equipment theft is a low-risk and high-reward opportunity, especially with unsecured construction sites. According to the National Equipment Register, between $300 million and $1 billion worth of construction equipment is stolen every year and less than one quarter is ever recovered. Security guards can protect your valuable heavy equipment without the inconvenience of bolting down or otherwise securing it. 

Deter Thieves and Loiterers 

Construction sites are prime targets for thieves and other criminals. In the past, heavy equipment and tools were secured enough that they were difficult to access, but fastening items to the ground isn’t a convenient option for most construction sites. Today, thieves target not only construction equipment but also building materials, especially copper wiring. The presence of security guards combined with adequate lighting is enough to deter most thieves who are only looking for an easy mark. 

Ensure Safety Protocols Are Followed

There’s no doubt a construction site is a hazardous environment. While you may follow OSHA protocols and ensure equipment is maintained, your efforts may not be enough to prevent injuries. A security guard can make sure safety protocols are followed on-site in terms of personal protective equipment, equipment use, and more. If the security guard spots someone who isn’t following safety rules, the worker can be confronted. A security guard can also serve as a witness if something happens on-site. 

Control Access to the Site 

One of the most important elements of a safe, secure construction site is controlled access. There should be limited access points that are monitored constantly with vehicle access limited. A security guard can ensure only authorized parties are allowed to enter the site by checking IDs and stopping foot and vehicle traffic. Controlled access ensures only authorized personnel are on the site for liability reasons and to reduce theft and vandalism. 

Provide Solutions Customized to Your Site 

Trained security personnel can provide several services to fit your needs and the unique demands of your site, which may include controlling access around the clock, patrolling the site, evicting loiterers, implementing a checkout system for equipment and tools, and detecting and reporting hazardous situations.

If you need reliable construction site security in Chatsworth, reach out to Security Consulting Group. We offer highly trained guards for various purposes all across Southern California. Give us a call today at 818-462-3080 for a free quote.

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