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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Security

New business owners and entrepreneurs who are not familiar with physical security are bound to have questions about the role of security guards. Commercial establishments require various levels of security according to the industry they operate in and their business goals. With this in mind, here are some frequently asked questions professional security companies in Chatsworth, CA, often get from business owners.

Are Security Guards Really Necessary? 

Organized retail crime alone accounts for more than $30 billion in annual losses, and this statistic does not include security-related incidents such as fights, vandalism, and internal theft. Business owners are seeing a greater level of animosity among customers, clients, associates, and employees. Activists these days are more daring, sophisticated, and violent. We live in complex times that increasingly require physical security, and this situation is unlikely to change soon. 

Are Security Guards Properly Trained? 

In California, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services requires security guards to undergo at least 40 hours of education and training prior to being licensed. However, agencies often provide guards with additional training and classes for the benefit of clients, staff members, customers, and business partners. 

What Is a Security Protocol? 

Similar to a business plan or an operations manual, a security protocol is a set of instructions and rules that guards are expected to follow and implement in a commercial establishment. Every business is different, which means protocols need to be designed with the guidance of security firms but with the input of company owners, executives, and managers. 

What Is a Risk Assessment? 

Prior to designing a security protocol for a company, the security firm will conduct a risk assessment to determine the adequate level of security the business needs. A risk assessment involves a visit to the facility and a consultation with company principals about daily operations. The assessment shows risk points and potential attack vectors, and it can also be used to determine the minimum investment required to protect life and property. 

What About Insurance and Liability? 

In California, security firms that provide guards are required to keep a comprehensive liability insurance policy in effect to keep their licensing active and in good standing. Clients can be included as insured parties covered by these policies. Moreover, insurance companies often lower their commercial liability premiums when they know security guards are posted. 

What Can Security Guards Do? 

Aside from executing the security protocol, guards can also investigate incidents, act as liaison with local police departments, provide first aid and basic life support in medical emergency situations, and enhance the image of the companies they protect.

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