-: Dec 24, 2018 / Nick K

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Your Business’s Security

Security is a concern for your business all year long, but the holidays are an especially great time to take stock of current practices. To make sure current practices are in fact best practices, consider adopting the following security resolutions this year.

1. Protect Your Digital Presence

Your physical location isn’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to security. Your website, servers, and customer data are also prime targets for criminals. The new year is a great time to evaluate your digital security protocols. Update spam blockers and malware detection software, and ensure encryption meets or exceeds industry standards. Your customers or clients depend on the security of your website and file keeping, so make sure you’re providing them the best possible experience.

2. Change Up Your Routines

Too often, people become complacent. Complacency is a huge security risk in and of itself. Simple tactics, such as switching up driving routes to the bank if you handle your own deposits, can prevent costly and dangerous situations from developing. Assess routines regularly to ensure you’re taking steps to better protect yourself from those who may also be assessing such things.

3. Do an End-of-the-Year Security Review

All businesses should take stock at the end of their fiscal and calendar years to determine what steps, if any, could lead to improved results in the upcoming periods. There are almost always deficiencies to be found. Tighten up internal accounting to ensure no likelihood of in-house theft exists. It’s easier and more cost-effective to prevent such situations than to deal with the unpleasantness of going after an employee criminally or civilly to recoup losses. Bolster loss-prevention practices if this applies to your business. Consider adding professional guard services. In Chatsworth, having both an overt security presence as well as more covert general surveillance on the premises are easy ways to protect your products, property, staff, and customers.

4. Train for the New Year

Implement annual retraining for staff to refresh all company security procedures as a team. When everyone is on the same page, things tend to run more smoothly. Go over expectations and listen for new ideas. Ask your staff about weaknesses they feel exist in your overall security measures, and ask if they feel safe, confident about what to do in an emergency situation, and what they feel you could do to assist them in making the environment even more secure. Your team is an invaluable resource. Take their feedback seriously.

5. Upgrade Your Tech

From inexpensive security cameras that stream directly to your phone to state-of-the-art alarm systems, there’s no shortage of technology geared toward making businesses more secure. Make a resolution to take careful stock of what makes the most sense for your setup, and invest a portion of the previous year’s profits in a new piece of security-related tech. Before you spend a lot, though, make sure to get advice from experienced professionals at the top security companies in Chatsworth so you don’t buy tech you don’t need.

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to start fresh, both in our personal lives and our business operations. If you need help analyzing your current security setup and where you need to upgrade or change procedures, reach out to the security experts at Security Consulting Group. Call us today at 818-462-3080 to schedule a consultation.

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