-: Sep 17, 2018 / Nick K

5 Ideal Security Alarm Systems to Use for a Business

Every business can benefit from a security system to protect against shoplifters, vandalism, and internal threats. A security alarm system works as a first line of defense, and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Of course, there are many types of alarm systems, and no option will be ideal for every business looking for corporate security services in Chatsworth. For example, a small service-based company will have different security needs than a store with high-value inventory. Here are the five best types of commercial alarm systems that may be a good fit for your business. 

1. Monitored Video Surveillance Systems 

A video surveillance system provides video evidence in case of a break-in, deters criminals with visible cameras, and allows your business to be monitored around the clock. A closed-circuit, monitored TV system means someone will be watching to alert you to suspicious activity. This type of system can also be paired with security sensors like motion detection and glass break detection for faster response to threats. 

2. Access Control Systems 

An access control system can prevent access to specific rooms in your building, granting entrance only to authorized personnel, and it’s the ideal solution to keep sensitive information in the right hands and protect high-risk areas. Access control can reduce outside and inside threats and allow you to know who is coming and going on the premises. You can set up access control keycards to restrict which employees can enter which areas with a master keycard that can open any area of the business. 

3. Intrusion Detection Alarms 

These alarms are designed to protect against burglary and vandalism, and they typically consist of entry detection devices like motion sensors and glass break sensors that are monitored by a third party. Because intrusion detection systems can use a variety of sensors, the system can be customized to the specific threats your business faces. Intrusion detection systems can provide protection against a range of threats, but it typically isn’t the best option for smaller businesses. 

4. Fire Alarm Systems 

Every business can benefit from a fire alarm system. While this type of security alarm doesn’t protect against theft or vandalism, it triggers an alarm in the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide to activate sprinklers and alert employees and patrons. 

5. Burglar Alarm Systems 

Basic burglar alarm systems are popular among small businesses. They don’t include active video monitoring or more complicated intrusion detection sensors. Instead, the alarm will go off when an intruder tries to enter the building and activates the system. Burglar alarms come in two primary types. They can be “local,” which means activation sets off a local siren without notifying authorities, or they can be “central,” which means the alarm company and/or police department will be notified when the system is activated.

In addition to having a security alarm system installed, you may want to hire one or more professional security guards to monitor the system and patrol the premises. Reach out to Security Consulting Group, one of the best security guard companies Chatsworth has to offer. Call 818-462-3080 today to receive a free quote.

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