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Which Breeds Make the Best Guard Dogs?

Certain domesticated dogs have been known to excel at protecting their owners from the outside world. These dogs have a natural ability to fend off intruders and keep unwanted people and animals away from their owners. They have the prototypical mindset for bravery and devotion and the right amount of physical strength to be successful guard dogs. The following is a list of some of the best guard dog breeds and the reasons for their good reputations, brought to you by the security experts from Security Consulting Group, a premier provider of security guard services Chatsworth commercial and residential property owners rely on for safety and peace of mind.

German Shepherd

These dogs have no fear and won’t hesitate to put themselves in danger to protect their owners, which is why they work for the military and police. They exude confidence and are one of the most intelligent of all dog breeds. They’re muscular, large, strong, and agile. German shepherds can learn your commands very quickly, and they have fast reaction times. They also generally have a calm demeanor when no danger is present, and they make good house pets.


The Komondor (also known as the Hungarian sheepdog) has historically been used to protect herds of sheep because of the breed’s innate guarding abilities. They’re quite active, loyal, fearless, obedient, dignified, and powerful. They can also become devoted family pets.


This breed is a hybrid, combining the attributes of a bulldog and a mastiff. They’re known to be courageous, robust, devoted, and confident. They typically only bark when there’s a need to do so, as they’re able to sense danger better than most dog breeds. The Bullmastiff is also very gentle when at home with the family.


The Kuvasz is an ancient breed of dog from Hungary that historically served as royal guard dogs. They’re naturally territorial and have great protective instincts, and they’re easy to care for and quite gentle. They get rather large (males can reach up to 115 pounds), yet they aren’t bulky or heavy, just agile and powerful. The Kuvasz also make good pets, as they hunger for affection from their families.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman pinschers are incredibly fast and can cover a large area in a short amount of time. They’re brave, athletic, loyal, and perceptive, and they’re also considered to be the fifth most intelligent dog in the world.


This breed has its roots in protecting cattle. Rottweilers have a history of being relentless guardians of their packs. They’re extremely intelligent, enabling them to learn commands very quickly. They’re also exceedingly strong and swift and very loyal and friendly to their owners.


Pulis naturally have a very suspicious nature and are almost always on the alert. They often bark at virtually anything that appears unusual. They’re extremely intelligent, and they like a great deal of companionship. They’re good for active people, as they enjoy all kinds of exercise.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Interestingly, Ridgebacks were used for hunting lions long ago, making them natural watchdogs. They’re fairly big and strong, and they’re also remarkably intelligent and bark only when necessary. They’re intensely devoted and enjoy cuddling so much that they resemble lapdogs.

Guard dogs can be a valuable part of a security strategy for businesses and residential areas, but adding a human component can enhance safety even more. If you’re looking to hire security in Chatsworth, reach out to the trustworthy, experienced professionals from Security Consulting Group. Give us a call today at 818-462-3080.

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