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5 Major Benefits of Hiring Security Guards

In May 2018, a security guard assigned to protect celebrities at the Met Gala in New York City made headlines when he was pushed away by a young member of the Kardashian reality television clan. While walking the red carpet and posing for paparazzi, Kendall Jenner shoved a security guard who had accidentally walked into her shot. The social media reaction against Jenner’s behavior was swift. Many comments highlighted the fact that the security guard was doing his job and looking out for the wellbeing of the young diva. Other celebrities in attendance appreciated having a guard posted close to a spot where flimsy barriers do not always contain reporters and members of the public. 

Organizers of the Met Gala certainly know about the benefits of hiring professional security guards. Here are five other reasons.

1. Lower Risk Profile 

With liability insurance premiums climbing, business owners have a financial incentive to hire security guards. Most insurance companies will assign lower risk profiles to companies that keep security personnel on their premises, and this translates into reduced policy premiums. This benefit does not only apply to security guards who are posted at entrances or who patrol the facilities. Personnel assigned to monitor surveillance cameras can also lower a company’s risk profile. 

2. Prevent Crime

Sophisticated thieves know better than to take their chances with Chatsworth security guards. These are criminals who operate very smoothly and take pride in not getting caught, which means they will likely skip over establishments protected by security personnel. Vandals, graffiti artists, shoplifters, and unscrupulous employees tend to think twice about plying their wicked trade knowing a security guard may be watching them. 

3. Increase Employee Safety 

Staff members who feel safer in their workplaces tend to be more productive. Security guards can provide staff with a reassuring feeling of safety with certain actions such as escorting employees to their cars on the night shift, monitoring the parking lot, screening visitors who may be disgruntled ex-partners, and guarding cashiers when they total their registers. 

4. Handle Emergency Situations 

Many people tend to associate security guards with robbery and retail theft prevention. However, guards are also trained to manage emergency situations that range from natural disasters and car accidents to riots and physical altercations. Guards often receive training on basic lifesaving techniques to stabilize individuals during medical emergencies. 

5. Conduct Surveillance 

We live in a time when reports of major corporate espionage have become so commonplace that they no longer make headlines. Information leaks and theft of intellectual property are now conducted by organized activists who are increasingly planting insiders or recruiting staff members who have access to confidential files. Security guards can work behind the scenes and alert company principals about suspicious activity they detect while carrying out their duties.

If you’re thinking about hiring professional security guards to protect your business, reach out to Security Consulting Group. We offer a wide array of options for business security. For instance, if you need a reliable mall security guard in Chatsworth, we can provide that as well as surveillance equipment for the job. For a free quote, call us today at 818-462-3080.

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