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6 Benefits of Hiring Security Guards for a Hospital

Security guards have become more common in hospitals in recent years. Hospital security guards are often armed with a handgun or Taser to protect staff members, patients, and visitors. A rise in violent crime at healthcare facilities has contributed to this trend, but healthcare security can also provide other benefits.

1. Deter Violent Crime

Between 2012 and 2014, healthcare facilities reported a 40 percent increase in violent crime with over ten thousand incidents aimed at employees, according to a study by Dr. Gabor Kelen at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Violence in a hospital can come in many forms, including gang conflicts, domestic violence, patients under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and mental illness.

2. Control Access

Hospitals can be a complex security challenge, especially when it comes to access control. Every day, a hospital sees visitors coming for patients, pharmaceutical representatives visiting physicians, and staff changeovers. Security guards can be an important aspect of access control by ensuring only authorized personnel enters sensitive rooms like the ICU, pharmacy, and operating theater.

3. Defuse Angry Families and Patients

In a hospital setting, patients may be experiencing serious emotional and physical distress with emotions running high, especially when receiving devastating news. It’s not uncommon for patients or family members to lash out in anger and become a threat to employees, patients, and other visitors. Chatsworth security guards are trained in de-escalation techniques such as validating the individual’s feelings and providing options. When de-escalation strategies fail, security can evacuate the area or secure the person until police arrive.

4. Stop Property Damage

Patients can display a range of emotions such as aggression, anger, and frustration. If a patient or visitor becomes disorderly, it can cause accidental property damage, which can be extremely costly in a hospital where equipment may cost $50,000 or more. Security personnel can quickly recognize and address disorderly behavior to prevent damage whenever possible.

5. Prevent Theft

While hospitals may not seem like prime targets for thieves, they contain expensive equipment as well as narcotics that can be stolen. Sometimes theft involves visitors who steal from patients in the hospital or employee theft, but it can also involve unauthorized people who enter with the purpose of stealing equipment. According to industry experts, stolen and lost equipment alone costs the healthcare industry millions every year. A single hospital in San Jose reported almost 400 missing items between 2010 and 2014 that were valued at $11 million. Security guards can be an effective theft deterrent when they’re posted in high-risk areas or patrolling.

6. Preserve the Hospital’s Reputation

Even top-rated hospitals can end up with a poor reputation in the face of insufficient security and the problems it can cause, such as violence and theft. Patient safety is also an important metric when hospitals in the United States are ranked. A strong security presence protects employees and patients while giving visitors peace of mind knowing their security has been made a priority.

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