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5 Main Reasons to Hire Security Guards for Your Corporate Office

Companies have a responsibility to their clients and employees to provide a safe place for everyone to conduct their business. While video cameras and alarm systems can deter crime, they still need a human element behind them to handle certain situations that arise. As you revamp your company’s current safety plans, consider these five benefits of having corporate security guards on your premises, brought to you by the security experts from Security Consulting Group, one of the top security companies in Chatsworth.

1. Deter Inside Crime

When people think of crime, they tend to picture a criminal breaking into a business at night. However, corporate losses are closely tied to crimes committed by insiders, such as theft of the company’s assets or outright fraud. Your company’s employees are less likely to commit crimes when they know a security guard is also watching over them each day. The security guard also serves as an easy point of contact for people who need to report suspected fraud.

2. Enhance Customer Service

Security guards also provide friendly faces that greet people who come to your building. As they conduct tasks such as security screenings or monitoring cameras, they can also work from the front of the building to help people as they come inside. Whether they guide someone to a specific location in the building or point out the most accessible route for a person in a wheelchair, they’ll increase the overall satisfaction of anyone who visits your corporate location.

3. Prevent Accidents on the Premises

Security guards don’t just handle criminal activity. Their role in corporate positions also involves making sure the premises are safe for both clients and employees. Whether they notice a slippery surface that needs a warning sign or debris in the walking path, they’ll either handle the situation themselves or send for the appropriate grounds management crew to correct the issue. When there’s a security guard constantly looking for potential hazards, you can bet you’ll see the accident rates go down at your place of business.

4. Increase Productivity

When your employees aren’t worried about crime, they can focus on doing their jobs more efficiently. For instance, your employees won’t worry about working late if they know there’s a security guard available to walk them to their cars. Employees who feel secure will also be less likely to worry about odd noises they hear outside so they can direct their full attention to their work tasks.

5. Provide Faster Response Times

In many places, it can take twenty minutes or more for the police or other emergency responders to arrive. While security guards can vary according to their ability to detain suspects, they can deescalate situations. For instance, if an angry client or employee begins to make a scene at your corporate location, a security guard can calm the person down before he or she has a chance to cause bodily harm to someone else or destroy property. Security guards are also trained in CPR and first aid, which is an asset in many types of emergency situations that arise in the workplace.

Hiring professional guards for your business can provide you and your employees with a sense of safety and security so you can concentrate on serving your clients and customers. If you need to hire high-quality professional guard services in Chatsworth, look no further than the experienced professionals from Security Consulting Group. Give us a call today at 818-462-3080.

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