Access Control Systems and Installation

Service You Can Trust

As an industry leader in access control solutions, SCG is well equipped to handle all of your access control needs. From single-location access control systems to remote campus environments in enterprise applications, we partner with the best technology manufacturers to ensure your property is safe, and your data is secure.

What are access control systems?

Access control systems are an electronically powered form of physical security that manages who has access to a location at a particular time.

How do they work?

An employee who wants to enter an access controlled area presents their credentials such as an access control key card, or a fingerprint, and this serves as their “key” to enter a given space. These systems allow or restrict access and also track who has entered a given entree point.

What are the benefits of access control systems?

Access control systems allow property owners the ability to:

  • Manage and restrict access to sensitive areas throughout a given property
  • Provide auditing and employee time and attendance features
  • Get rid of expensive re-keying when an employee leaves
  • Remotely administer and control access immediately to multiple facilities through one efficient interface
  • Provide a safer working, customer and client environment

Why choose SCG for your access control needs?

SCG provides top-rated security systems for our clients across California. Our state-of-the-art and affordable access control systems and committed staff of licensed technicians will ensure the security of your assets, resources, and personnel.

At SCG, our access control systems deliver:

  • User convenience and workflow optimization through integrated, digital solutions
  • Enhanced end-user experiences through seamless integration and ongoing support
  • RFID chip supply and expert installation
  • Fingerprint programming
  • Strong multi-factor authentication without disruption to user workflow and productivity
  • Free 24/7 training on software use and system applications
  • 3-year warranty on all access control parts and a 2-year warranty on all installation jobs
  • Peace of mind, with expert, personalized support

With over 20 years of experience in the development and installation of top-rated access control solutions for physical and logical access, SCG is trusted by buѕіnеѕѕes and соmmеrсіаl рrореrtу owners across California to provide unsurpassed security solutions.


Our professional team will be an active visual obstacle for unlawful activities.


Our team will monitor incoming and outgoing visitors to prevent theft and vandalism.


Our Security Guards will provide the necessary support to people in need on-premises.


Security Personnel will periodically patrol the premises.

Detect & Verify

Our team will detect and verify any sign of interference to protect the premises.


The security guard at the premises will investigate any suspicious activity or trespass.


Our Professional Security Guard will properly contact authorities in emergency cases.


The security guard will write an accurate daily report properly.